Pet of the Week

*PAWS-ABILITY denotes a pet that has gone to a home on a trial basis. The length of the trial basis or "Paws-ability" is based on the needs of each animal/family, but typically one to two weeks as determined by the family and LCHS adoption counselor. If a Pet of the Week is returned to the shelter we will update its status.

By Katie Axline-Pittman and Kat Martineau. Photos by Chris Martin


Bogey. March 2018

Status: Available for adoption

BogeyToday’s the day – Bogey is hoping the some Irish luck will come his way and find him a forever home! 

Bogey doesn’t need much, he just wants a warm person to love and a bundle of blankets to snuggle under. He’s friendly and sweet, quiet and charming—he’s an amazing cat. His luxurious long fur and welcoming eyes are enough to make anyone swoon, his personality just as wonderful. There’s no reason Bogey should still be at the shelter right?! He should’ve been snatched up the second he was ready for adoption but unfortunately for Bogey he is 11, and his age has made many adopters pass him by. He is hoping today will be the day someone sees past his age and falls in love with the amazing cat that he is.  

Stop by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today between 12 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to fall in love with Bogey – I promise you will! And in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we are offering lowered adoption fees – just $17 plus the $25 lifetime microchip enrollment fee! Help Helena’s homeless pets find some luck today, adopt!


Grizz. March 2018

Status: Available for adoption

GrizzGrizz is a energetic little peanut who has won the hearts of all the staff here at Lewis and Clark Humane Society! He may be named after a Grizzly Bear, but this boy has a timid heart and snuggly nature. Grizz enjoys the outdoor life and he is hoping to find a real Montana mountain home to make his dreams come true. Whether it’s heading out for hikes on the mountain or chasing a ball in the backyard, as long as Grizz is outside, he is enjoying life! In the home Grizz already knows how to “Kennel Up,” like the smart boy he is and he is even potty trained!

 This friendly boy gets along with other dogs as long as they can match his energy levels, and he would be happy to share his home with a kitty who can tolerate a playful pup. Older children would be better for Grizz because of his energy level, he would never try to hurt anyone, but he gets very excited! This clever boy already knows “Sit,” but he is raring to learn more, he would be a great candidate for a local training class where he can learn all the important “Good Boy” lessons. After basic obedience Grizz would thrive in any Agility, Scent Training, or Frisbee class you could get him into!

Staff isnt sure why Grizz keeps getting passed over, but after 2 months in the shelter keeping his head up, Grizz is starting to wonder what is going on. Grizz asks that you please come down to the shelter and say hi to him! Grab a stuffed toy and a tennis ball, take him out to a play yard and he is sure you will fall in love! Grizz will be hanging out at the shelter today, but he also wants to let you know that Mark the Blood Hound and Christine the Yellow Lab will be meeting people at Pan Handler (40 S Last Chance Gulch St, Helena, MT 59601) on Saturday 3/10/18from 11-1!


Tony. March 2018

Status: Available for adoption

TonyIt’s a pet extravaganza today! Some of LCHS’ greatest dogs and cats will be at Petsmart today showing off their personalities in the hopes of finding a forever home! There will be lots of woofs, purrs, and kisses going around today, especially with Tony and Smaug, our two superstar residents! Get ready to fall head over heels in love!

Life hasn’t been easy for Tony, he’s been at the shelter four times in his five short years.  While this isn’t the longest Tony has spent at the shelter, today marks the 114th day he’s spent with us this time around. These past few months have included the loss of his owner, a major surgery to fix his leg, and lots of rehab. While we love Tony so very much, we are more than ready for Tony-roni to find his forever family. This handsome mix (your guess is as good as ours when it comes to his breed) loves people; he’s always eager to meet everyone, and thoroughly enjoys getting pet. As wonderful as Tony is, he isn’t without his faults. Severe separation anxiety has plagued Tony, and while he has been working on it, he’s still in need of a loving, patient owner who is willing to help him overcome this crippling anxiety. Tony has been been bounced around a lot these past five years, and he hopes to finally find his happy ending today – can you make his wish come true?

Tony isn’t the only animal who hopes to finally leave the shelter behind; Smaug also hopes to end his search for a loving human today. Currently our longest-term cat, Smaug is ready to find a new kingdom to rule. Named after the treasure-loving dragon, Smaug is a master at sleeping and receiving pets. We aren’t sure if he’s regal looks or intimidating name has kept adopters from taking this wonderful feline home, but whatever the reason is, Smaug is still homeless. He hopes to find a home where he can nap with his owner, a place where he can just relax.

Don’t let these two go without a home, stop by Petsmart (3341 North Montana) between 11-1 to meet Tony and Smaug!


Titan and Merlin. February 2018

Status: Available for adoption

TitanWeighing in at 63.4 pounds, star linebacker for Team Bow-wow, it’s Bubba Jr.!!!!!! This handsome hunk is ready to take the offensive when it comes to his search for a forever home. Bubba is bringing our tailgate party to the Lewis & Clark Library—join him in the fun!

If we handed out trophies to each of our dogs, Bubba J’s trophy plaque would read: “Most Likely to Kiss.” He LOVES to run up and give his human teammates kisses and cuddles. He’s all about his human teammates, always eager to join them for a walk or a movie on the couch. When he’s not practicing his kisses, Bubba can be found working hard on his cuddling technique or scarfing down his kibble.  He is truly a one-dog team, he doesn’t need any dogs (or any cats for that matter) to steal his thunder.  

Kick off our tailgate party with Bubba J at the Lewis & Clark Library (120 S Last Chance Gulch) between 11-1, and then drop by the shelter (2112 E Custer) to partake in the tailgate festivities!


Arlo and Woody. February 2018

Status: Available for adoption

Arlo and WoodyStretch, breath, relax. Gentle Healing Wellness Center is here to help you unwind with the best kind of yoga there is – cat yoga! Join Arlo & Woody at Cats on Mats today at 9:30 a.m. to unwind!

Arlo & Woody are the definition of opposites attract – Arlo is outgoing while Woody is reserved and quiet.  Brothers and best friends, this pair of 4-year-olds seeks a new home to call their own. Arlo loves to hang out with people, jumping into their lap for a quick cat nap. When he’s not snuggling with his humans, Arlo loves to play with laser lights and mice. Woody, on the other hand, prefers to sit quietly with his humans, enjoying the relaxation that comes from a calm home. These two would do best in a home without children. They aren’t fond of rambunctious dogs either, so a nice, quiet home is best for these two!

Yoga your way to relaxation today at Gentle Healing Wellness Center (513 Saddle Drive) today at 9:30.  A $10 donation to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society is suggested for this class.  See you there!


Maple. February 2018

Status: Available for adoption

MapleAre you ready for some kitties?!?!?  Maple and Ebony may not be football fans, but they are sure eager to find a home for the big game!  Not only are they amazing felines, but they are the only two felines up for adoption at our facility!  Drop by the shelter today and fall in love with these lovely felines!

Life hasn’t been kind to Maple.  Currently our longest-term cat, Maple arrived at the shelter right after snowmaggedon. Frostbitten ears, rough coat, and a timid attitude, Maple was in rough shape (to say the least). Volunteers and staff alike have spent the last few weeks brushing, treating, and loving on Maple, but as hard as we try, the shelter just isn’t the place for Maple.  She’s eager to get out of the shelter and into a home where she can be loved.  Maple does best in calm situations, and prefers adults to children. We believe Maple will do fine with calm cats, and would do okay with dogs as long as they are gentle.  If you are looking for a sweet, gentle companion, Maple is your gal.

Maple isn’t the only older lady hoping to find a family this weekend.  Ebony, our other 7 year old resident hopes to get out of the cat room and into a forever home.  Ebony is sweet and petite, and would make a great companion for anyone who needs a little extra love.  So far this gorgeous gal gets along with calm dogs and cats, and does best with calm humans.  She is the only cat left in the open cat room, and she doesn’t want to be left behind!        

Don’t let these two fabulous felines go homeless another day – drop by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today between 12 and 4:30 to fall in love with Maple and Ebony!


Bubba. January 2018

Status: Available for adoption

BubbaWeighing in at 63.4 pounds, star linebacker for Team Bow-wow, it’s Bubba Jr.!!!!!! This handsome hunk is ready to take the offensive when it comes to his search for a forever home. Bubba is bringing our tailgate party to the Lewis & Clark Library—join him in the fun!

If we handed out trophies to each of our dogs, Bubba J’s trophy plaque would read: “Most Likely to Kiss.” He LOVES to run up and give his human teammates kisses and cuddles. He’s all about his human teammates, always eager to join them for a walk or a movie on the couch. When he’s not practicing his kisses, Bubba can be found working hard on his cuddling technique or scarfing down his kibble.  He is truly a one-dog team, he doesn’t need any dogs (or any cats for that matter) to steal his thunder.  

Kick off our tailgate party with Bubba J at the Lewis & Clark Library (120 S Last Chance Gulch) between 11-1, and then drop by the shelter (2112 E Custer) to partake in the tailgate festivities!

Halibut. January 2018

Status: Available for adoption

HalibutGetting a new start at life when you’re 8 years old is hard. It’s even harder when you’re an 8 year old cat at the shelter. Unfortunately for Halibut, it’s the sad reality he is facing right now. A friendly, talkative orange tabby, Halibut should be an easy sell but he’s hit a few snags on the road to his forever home. Currently our longest-term cat and our only cat from last year, Halibut is hanging out at Imagine Designs today hoping his perfect human will come save him.

This is Halibut’s second time at the shelter. Despite his best efforts, he has failed to charm everyone who has come in looking for a feline friend. Maybe people are just intimidated by his handsome face, maybe people don’t think they can hold a conversation with this witty fellow. It could be the fact that he suffers from Hyperthyroidism, and that seems to scare people away. Whatever the reason, he’s becoming a bit sad.        

Halibut’s days are spent relaxing in the window sun-bathing, or chatting with whatever human decides to come hangout with him.  He’s an extraordinarily unique feline who just needs a second chance. We have waived Halibut’s adoption fee to help him find a home. Don’t let this amazing feline go homeless another day, stop by Imagine Designs (62 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1 to meet him, and then boogie on down to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) to adopt him!


Frankie. January 2018

Status: Available for adoption

FrankieThis Saturday is National Dress up Your Pet Day.  In Montana this usually means putting our pets in cozy jackets and silly booties to gear them up for the snow, although we do like to put on the occasional dress!  Frankie wants you to know that she will be sporting a fabulous outfit in celebration of this fantastic holiday!  

This is poor Frankie’s 3rd return to the shelter and although she loves her staff, she is ready to go home for good! At 7 years old, Frankie is sassy, peppy, and full of life! This youthful broad enjoys going on walks (as long as she has her trusty coat on!), and cuddling in any open lap. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cuddle with a pug? Well Frankie is here to tell you that it is the best thing in the world! It involves a little bit of snoring, a whole lot of kisses, and lots of burrowing into blankets. Frankie is happy to share who home with cats and other dogs, but she just wants you to know that she is the center of attention! Being a little bit older, Frankie has an embarrassing habit she is really working on. Due to the cold and her not so awesome past life she has a bit of an incontinence problem, she never really learned to go potty outside and she just wants an understanding family who can help her learn! The staff at LCHS would be happy to provide some potty pads and a diaper to help get you started. 

Are you a patient and understanding, but still fun-loving and cuddly? Well Frankie will be entertaining guests at Rock Hand Hardware (2414 N Montana Ave) today from 11 AM until 2 PM. She hasn’t decided what to wear yet, but she promises to blow everyone away with her amazing fashion sense. Don’t miss out on this diva!


Clarice and Marley. December 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ClariceYou know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? No it’s not Rudolph, everyone knows him! It’s Clarice his always forgotten girlfriend.  

Okay this spunky little lady can’t fly, but with her energy she sure would try. Clarice the acrobatic dog is looking for an active family to call her own. Although she doesn’t show well in her kennel, she does amazing once she’s out and about. Clarice is tired of being forgotten about and wants to be the only animal in your life so that she can soak up all the Christmas love. Scoot out of the way Rudolph, there’s a new lady in town! Fly down to the shelter to meet this amazing lady today!

The Christmas cheer doesn’t end at the shelter with bubbly Clarice, more fun can be found at Petsmart with Marley! Marley definitely doesn’t look as handsome as he could be, but believe me, he has lots of potential! He’s been busy running himself ragged trying to take care of himself and everyone else, he hasn’t had much time for himself lately. Quiet, cuddly, and sweet, Marley is hoping to settle down this Christmas. He enjoys Netflix binges, heated blankets, and crackling fires (but really, who doesn’t?).  

Don’t leave these two out in the cold this Christmas, adopt Clarice, Marley, or any one of our wonderful dogs or cats today!  You can stop by Petsmart (3341 North Montana) or the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today between 12-3 p.m.  Make a homeless pet’s wish come true—adopt someone today!


Karma. December 2017

Status: Available for adoption

Karma“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need, I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, I just want you for my very own, more than you could ever know, make my wish come true oh, all I want for Christmas is you….”

Tinker, Karma, and Hot Chocolate have been singing this tune ever since they arrived in our care. Times have been tough for these three, but they hope the Christmas spirit will entice our wonderful community to adopt one of these lovely ladies.

Tinker has been looking for a home for months. Ever since her family situation changed, she has been hoping for a new start but at 9 years old, Tinker realizes that she isn’t always somebody’s first choice. All you need to do is get to know Tinker, and you will see just how sweet she is. She prefers the quiet relaxation that comes when you sit in front of a crackling fire and a read good book. There is no adoption fee when it comes to this sweet lady, a loving, cat & kid-free home is all she needs to be happy.

Gorgeous Hot Cocoa and lap-cat extraordinaire Karma will also be joining Tinker at Birds & Beasleys (2 South Last Chance Gulch) today. Both Hot Cocoa and Karma hope to join in holiday festivities with their new families. Don’t wait! Stop by Birds and Beasley’s today between 11-1 to meet these amazing felines!


Mabel. November 2017

Status: Available for adoption

MabelDo you know what the hardest part of being a senior animal in a shelter is? We remember what it was like to spend the holidays with loved ones—I remember sneaking under the table on Thanksgiving so the kids could toss me scraps. I also remember Christmas time, when I got a big bone from Santa and all my family gathered around to give me love. I know I’ve already missed Thanksgiving, but please I’m begging you, please don’t let me and my friends spend Christmas without a family!

Let me introduce you to my friends:
Mabel is a 5 year old pitty princess looking for her new forever home. After her mom passed away Mabel was heartbroken, she didn’t want to leave the only home she has ever known! She has been pretty nervous here, and doesn’t show well in the kennel but she just wants you to know she’s happy to meet you away from all the crazy noise! Mabel is looking for a home where she can be the only animal.

Rosie is a 6 year old long-haired brown tabby looking for a forever home too. Rosie is a quiet girl who enjoys the simple things in a life; a lap to sit on, a sunbeam to lie in, and a comfy bed to sleep in. This beautiful lady prefers another home with no cats or small children, but a calm dog would be fine! Rosie is located at PetSmart!

PS. Did you know—Senior animals are 50% off!


Vader. November 2017

Status: Available for adoption

VaderIt’s time again for the most relaxing and fun class you’ll ever attend – Cats on Mats at Gentle Healing Wellness Center!Today four of our friendliest felines will be stretching out at this fun event, will you join them?!

Vader is 2 years old and has a mellow, laid-back purr-sonality that makes anyone fall in love with him. Vader loves the sit on your lap, and enjoys following you around—he’s the perfect shadow!Vader does great with cats, kids, and dogs, and hopes you will take him home for some relaxation.

Big, black, and full of snuggles, Willy is hoping for a second chance at love. Turned in when his owner couldn’t keep him, Willy has been trying really hard to think positive. He greets everyone he meets, and gladly accepts any pets you give him. Willy is declawed, so he wishes to find an indoor-only home to call his own.

Mashed Potato and Casserole will also be at Cats on Mats stretching and relaxing. Both would make wonderful additions to your home, and both home to be out of the shelter by Thanksgiving. You’re missing out if you don’t attend this event!

Cats on Mats starts at 9:30 at Gentle Healing Wellness Center (513 Saddle Drive). A $10 donation to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society is suggested. We hope to see you there!



Rosie. October 2017

Status: Available for adoption

RosieBoogie on down to Golden Girls today to meet two of our best ghouls—Rosie and Astra! These two boo-tiful felines are sweet, calm, and hoping to go home with you today. Read on boys and ghouls to learn all about this spooky pair.

Rosie has had dreadful luck these past few months. Found abandoned in a home in September, Rosie came to us hoping to get a new start at life. Unfortunately, that new start was short-lived as her new adopter had allergies and couldn’t keep Rosie. She’s back again, trying to charm the right people so she can get out of here and finally have the happy ending she’s been searching for. Rosie enjoys the quiet life, choosing sunbathing and naps to playing and running around. She does best as the only cat, but might enjoy the company of a calm dog. 

Rosie is joined at Golden Girls today by Astra, a frighteningly beautiful kitty looking for a home to haunt this Halloween. Astra is just one year old, and like Rosie, enjoys the quiet things in life. Naps and being pet are two of Astra’s most favorite things and she hopes to find a family who will give her all the loves and snuggles she wants. This enchanting lady does okay with cats, dogs, and most humans.  

There’s no tricks, only treats, when it comes to these two cats. Don’t forget to drop in to Golden Girls (505 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1 to meet these otherworldly felines!


Kittens! Godric, Helga, and Rowena. October 2017

Status: Available for adoption

RowenaThree kittens, all with hearts of gold and fiery ways, are hoping to be sorted into your home today. Godric, Helga, and Rowena hope to find what they seek—forever homes—today at Birds & Beasleys (2 South Last Chance Gulch). 

Are you brave enough to take noble Godric Gryffindor?  This handsome lion enjoys wrestling and playing with his sisters. He courageously explores his surroundings with unwavering confidence—he’s one amazing kitten. Godric gets along with everyone—cats, kids, dogs—and wants desperately to be a part of a warm, loving family.

Maybe loyal Helga Hufflepuff is the kitten for you. Helga is sweet and friendly—she wants to be everyone’s friend. She loves to watch her siblings wrestle, and is always there to snuggle with them after the play is done. Helga does best with dogs and cats.

Don’t think Helga or Godric are the kittens for you? Give Rowena Ravenclaw a shot! She’s a smart cookie who enjoys rolling around with her brother and cuddling with humans. Rowena is absolutely beautiful, and she knows it. Like her sister Helga, Rowena does best with cats and dogs.

Want to take one, two, or all three of these magical kittens? Make sure you stop by Birds & Beasleys today between 11 a.m and 1 p.m. to be charmed by Godric, Rowena, and Helga!

Rosie and Apollo. September 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ApolloDownward dog, scorpion pose, cozy cat…? This morning Rosie and Apollo will be at Gentle Healing Wellness Center stretching and posing the stress away—and they hope you will join them for this fun yoga class!

Rosie hasn’t had a very easy go of things these past few months. Initially abandoned by her owner, Rosie came in with a positive outlook on life and a desire to find a second chance. We thought she got that second chance, but Rosie found her way back to us because of allergies.  Rosie is definitely sad to be back at the shelter, and every day that goes by without a home makes her even more upset. Rosie is 6 years old and loves to relax and enjoy the quiet things in life. She enjoys sitting next to you, but not on you, while you hangout on the couch. This quiet but sometimes chatty feline would prefer to be the only cat in the home. Poor Rosie has already spent a month with us and desperately wants to find a place to finally call her very own.  

Cute little Apollo will be joining everyone at the yoga studio as well! Apollo is just 4 months old and longs to find a home where he can run around playing with toys. He loves other cats, and would be so happy if he could find a home where he can be loved and played with.

Trust me when I tell you the Cats on Mats is not something you want to miss! Rosie and Apollo will both be at Gentle Healing Wellness Center (513 Saddle Drive) for this fun class. Yoga lovers of all experience levels welcome! The class begins at 9:30, and a $10 donation to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society is suggested. We to see you there!


Pepper and Shelby. September 2017

Status: Available for adoption

PepperHey it’s Pepper here! I’m a 5 year old Mixed Breed who enjoys going on walks, getting brushed and snuggling up to the ones I love (which is everyone!). I do pretty well with other dogs and I wouldn’t mind the companionship of a nice fluffy kitty, kids are pretty awesome too as long as they give me tasty treats.  Yea I’d say I’m pretty awesome but…. 

This isn’t about me, this is about my sister Shelby!

Shelby is a beautiful, 10 year old Shephard X and we are looking for a home together! Shelby enjoys all the same things that I do like other doggies, kitties, and kids of all ages. When we go on walks, I like to sniff every tree and flower but, Shelby is completely focused on the person walking her. She loves to lean in and get scratches and kisses. Shelby is looking for someone who can give her appropriate exercise and not overfeed her!

I’m writing this letter to everyone because I’m worried. My sister is 10 years old and a little “overweight,” I’m worried she might not find a home as easily. I love her so much I can’t imagine leaving her behind, so I’m on a mission to find the perfect home for both of us. I will be at Base Camp (5 E Broadway St) on Saturday 9/30/17, 11AM-1PM telling everyone about me and my wonderful sister Shelby! Shelter Staff has decided to waive our adoption fee, please come down and meet us!


Regina and Omelette. September 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ReginaFall has begun! The leaves are turning, the snow is falling, and we have exploded with cats! Regina and Omelette, two of our most amazing cats are hanging out at Imagine Designs (62 North Last Chance Gulch) hoping you’ll fall in love with them and bring them home!

Regina has been at the shelter almost a month, which in kitten years seems like forever! This fun, bossy, snuggly 6 month old is itching to get out of the shelter but she needs your help to do it. Regina spends her days bossing the other cats around, taking naps, and playing with every human who comes into the shelter. She would love to have a home where she can be in change; one where she can curl up and watch movie’s on her owner’s lap.

Omelette isn’t a spunky as Regina, but he’s just as cute and just as eager to go home. He’s two years old, and enjoys the quiet things in life like naps and chin scratches. This handsome gentleman loves to avoid this chilly weather, choosing to snuggle up in a cozy blanket or cat bed and napping. Omelette has done wonderful with the other cats, and hopes to find a relaxing home to share with a human or two.

Don’t miss out on these two cats, stop by Imagine Designs between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to fall head over heels for these wonderful felines!


Barkley. September 2017

Status: Available for adoption

BarkleyBarkley is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. Gentle and loving he may not stick out in the kennel next to his barking neighbors, but if you stop long enough to say hi you won’t be able to forget those big, brown soulful eyes. Barkley is a pint sized Brindle Beagle Mix, looking for his forever home today. This is this poor little guys second time at the shelter and he just wants to find a family to call his own.

Young and full of life, this adventure seeker would be happy to accompany you on a hike up Mount Helena, or on romp through the park. Don’t worry though Barkley can be a lazy Sunday dog too! He’d enjoy a relaxing cuddle on the couch while you watch T.V. or playing some video games as long as he can lay his head in your lap and get the occasional head scratch. If there was an Olympic Sport for cuddling we're pretty sure Barkley would take the gold!

Barkley is absolutely a family dog, and would be happy to have some kids around to play with, as long as they are respectful of his space when he needs it. He would also be happy to share his home with another dog his size or larger, he loves to play! Unfortunately Barkley cannot share his home with any cats or small animals as he just plays a little too rough. Overall Barkley is a pretty awesome little beagle who would fit well into any home with an open lap and lots of love. Barkley the wonder dog will be at Petsmart (3341 North Montana Ave) between 1 and 3 p.m. 


Hugo. September 2017

Status: Available for adoption

HugoThe fun, active days of summer are coming to an end, and fall is quickly upon us. As the seasons change and the weather begins to cool, it’s the perfect time to bring a lap cat (or two) into your home to help keep you warm. Lucky for you, the Lewis & Clark Humane Society has lots of cats ready to keep you happy and warm, read on to learn about two of our stellar lap warmers!

It’s impossible not to fall in love with every cat at the shelter, but it’s even harder when they are are sweet as our Pascal. Always happy to see us, and eager for attention, 6 year old Pascal is the sweetest little lady! Petite and full of love, Pascal is eager to leave her kennel behind and begin a new life with a forever family.

Hugo is another sweetheart in search of a cozy lap to rest on. Eight years old and looking for a second chance, Hugo is here to make you happy. His large size makes him a great lap warmer, but it’s his gentle heart that makes you fall in love. He is happy to see you, and loves getting chin scratches from his favorite people. Hugo would love a calm home to settle down in, one where he can lay on the bed and snuggle with his humans.

Hugo and Pascal are hanging out at Birds & Beasleys (2 South Last Chance Gulch) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. hoping to fall in love with a new family.


Charlie. August 2017

Status: Available for adoption

CharlieI’m so lonely, I’ve got nobody to call my own…..

Another week in the shelter for Charlie. This poor guy just can’t seem to catch a break, and he’s starting to feel sorry for himself. This is his second time back with us, and he has been dreaming of the day he gets to finally leave us behind forever. We love Charlie very much, and would love to see him find a family to spend Labor Day with.

It should come as no surprise that this young Husky has a lot of energy. Charlie really is exuberant, and loves to live life to the fullest. He fantasizes about long walks, hours of fetch, and lots of snuggles when he’s all tuckered out. This handsome guy is nothing short of stupendous – you really don’t want to miss out on adopting him!

Charlie’s ideal home is one he can share with active family members—walks, hikes, and playing in the yard are recommended! He’s very choosy when it comes to his fellow canines, and sees cats as enemies more than anything else. We can’t state this enough, Charlie is a wonderful dog! Don’t let him go homeless another day!  Run into the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today between 12 and 4:30 p.m. to fall in love with Charlie!


Annabelle. August 2017

Status: Available for adoption

AnnabelleWe danced to the Mighty Flick and drank some exquisite wines at last night’s Wine for Whiskers—we are exhausted! We are taking it easy today and celebrating the cats and dogs in another way—with a sale! Today only, all of our dogs and cats are half-priced! Read on to hear about Annabelle and Charlie, two of the shelter’s most amazing animals!

Annabelle is our longest-term cat, which is hard to believe when you find out she’s just four months old!  She’s a sweet kitten who loves to have fun with other cats and people.  She’s a bit shy at first, but give her a couple minutes and she warms right up.  Annabelle is seeking a quiet home, one without small children.  She gets along great with other cats and dogs.  Don’t let Annabelle go another day without a forever family, adopt this snuggly, silly kitten!

Charlie may not be the longest-term dog, but his journey has been filled with heartache.  This is his second time at the shelter, and he hopes to make this stay his last one.  Charlie is just one year old, and his young age really shows!  He’s energetic and silly; he loves to fetch tennis balls and loves jumping into pools.  This dog is guaranteed to fill your home with laughter whenever he starts playing.  A true solo star, Charlie would love to be the center of the household.  Charlie’s dream is to find an active family who loves to go for hikes, loves to swim, and loves to snuggle and watch good movies (rumor has it movies like Rambo are his favorite).

Stop by the shelter today (2112 East Custer) to fall in love with one of our amazing shelter pets!


Ricky-Bobby and Nimbus. August 2017

Status: Available for adoption

Ricky-Bobby“If you ain’t first, you’re last!” – Ricky Bobby

While our Ricky Bobby isn’t a racecar driving speed-demon, he is still motivated to be the very best.  Unfortunately for him, he’s fallen on hard times and needs your help to regain his confidence. Handsome and charming, 3 year old Ricky Bobby is the best at what he does—napping. He’s had three years to hone his skills, and makes sure to practice every day. When he’s not napping Ricky enjoys being pet, and playing with toys.  Sadly, his recent arrival at LCHS has left him sad and stressed, and he now spends every day waiting for someone to take him home.

At least Ricky Bobby didn’t have to go through this alone – his little brother Nimbus is also awaiting his forever home at the shelter. When you first see Nimbus, you can easily see how he got his name. A big, round grey tabby, Nimbus looks very much like a cloud. He’s so big, it’s hard to believe he’s just 8 months old! Nimbus enjoys playing, sitting on laps, and taking long naps. A purr-fect pair, we are hoping to get both Nimbus and Ricky Bobby into a home together. Both are declawed, and do well with dogs, cats, and children.

Ricky Bobby and Nimbus will be hanging out at Golden Girls (505 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. so stop by, fall in love, and take these two winners home!


Sir Fish-A-Lot. August 2017

Status: Available for adoption

Sir Fish-A-LotI like big birds and I cannot lie, you other kitties can’t deny, That when a robin flies by with a big red chest and a fat worm in her beak, you get excited!

Sir Fish-a-Lot is a master of words and snuggles! His quick wit and lovable personality has won us all over—we just adore him!  He will be at Birds & Beasley’s between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. meeting birds and humans alike.   Fish-a-Lot is just 2 years old, and an absolutely wonderful companion for just about anyone! Don’t miss the opportunity to adopt this amazingly awesome feline!

Birds & Beasley’s (2 South Last Chance Gulch) will be hosting Sir Fish-a-Lot this morning – stop down and adopt him!


Moose and Echo. July 2017

Status: Available for adoption

EchoBeing a senior dog at a shelter is the worst. You try your hardest to sit pretty and catch the eye of a potential adopter, but more often than not, you are overlooked in favor of a young dog. It’s really sad, and it can become hard to stay positive when you spend every day waiting for a second chance at love.  It’s time to put our senior pups in a forever home, can you help them find love?

Moose and Echo haven’t always had the best life. While they had a loving owner, their home life was a bit unstable. With each domestic upheaval, Moose and Echo ended up at the shelter before their owner came to claim them. Unfortunately for them, their owner didn’t show up this last time. Opposites definitely attract when it comes to these two ladies; Moose is lazy and affectionate while Echo loves to have activity in her life. We aren’t sure why, but these two get along so well despite their differing interests.  At 9 and 10 years old respectively, they aren’t asking for much when it comes to a forever home, Moose and Echo just want someone to love them unconditionally.

These two amazing seniors are hanging out at Big Dipper (58 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1 hoping to meet a forever family.  We have waived Moose and Echo’s adoption fees, so stop by and fall in love!


Kirk. July 2017

Status: Available for adoption

KirkCaptain’s log, star date 7714.9. Our destination is The Montana Book & Toy Company, a strange building where the humans search for these things called “books.” Today our crew searches for something that has so far been elusive – a forever home for Spock and I.

While our lives may have started in very different places, it didn’t take long for us to cross paths and join forces in search of a forever home. Though we are young, we have seen so much of this world already, and we are eager to share our knowledge with the humans we hope to call family. Both Spock and I enjoy cuddles, and choose to greet new friends with a friendly meow and a hug (no really, I love hugs). We are very good at inter-species relations (cats, small humans, and dogs included) and hope to leave the intergalactic travel we’ve been engaged in behind sooner rather than later (it’s getting pretty rough out there in space).

We won’t be able to spend much time at today’s destination before we must join our crew back at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. Help us boldly go where we’ve never gone before – into a forever home! Stop by The Montana Book and Toy Company (331 North Last Chance Gulch) from 11-1 today to recruit Spock and I for your family.

Kirk out.

Snoot. July 2017

Status: Available for adoption

SnootSummer is perfect for hiking, swimming, or lazing about in a hammock. The Base Camp is here to provide all of your summer needs! Pick up a hammock or some hiking shoes, and adopt a summer buddy while you’re there!

Sophie has been with us a whopping 5 months and we can’t believe it! She’s just two years old and a perfect companion for anyone active. This fun-loving lap dog enjoys playing, snuggling, and hiking through the wilderness with her best human friends.

Sophie is joined by Snoot, an adorable Husky mix hoping to find a more lazy family of her own. Snoot dreams of a home with people she can snuggle with after a rough day. This easy-going lady loves to go on walks.

Be sure to stop by the Base Camp (5 East Broadway) today from 11 to 1 to meet these two lovely ladies!

Paco. July 2017

Status: Available for adoption

PacoCrikey! Boy, do we have a treat for you – a Chihuahua with a one-in-a-million personality. Let’s learn more about this amazing creature!

Aptly named Paco, this firecracker of a dog is quite at home in his temporary living environment. Most often found burrowed underneath blankets until someone comes near, Paco spends his days napping. Using his bat-like ears, Paco can hear you coming and immediately pops his head out of his blanket to greet you with his usual hello – a series of barks. Don’t fret though, with patience and slow movements, you can tame this cantankerous fella into a snuggly gentleman.

When in the wild, the handsome Paco never ventures far from his quiet nest, always choosing to plant himself right on the couch or bed. Once comfortable with humans, Paco is eager for affection. Snuggles and kisses are his favorite activity, and it’s not hard to see why – he’s a sucker for human affection. This strange little creature has been seen interacting with his fellow canines and early research suggests he may also co-habitat with cats, but it may be a bit too early to tell.

If you want to find the rare Paco, make your way down to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today from 12-4:30 to discover this wildly unique canine!

Bass. June 2017

Status: Available for adoption

BassHi everyone, my name is Bass (like the fish) and I’m ready to go home with you! I love cat trees, cat naps, catnip— I love anything made for cats! I’ve been on the hunt for a new home ever since my owner left me behind. I’m a big fan of the other cats in the cat room, and I really hope my new home has another kitty (or two!) for me to hang out with.

While the transition from home to shelter was tough, I’m trying my hardest to make people see how awesome I really am. I may not be the most active kitty in the cat room but what I lack in energy I more than make up for with snuggles. I’m quiet and mellow, with a desire to spend every day soaking up the sun and lazing around with my owner. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I really think I’m a great catch!

Please drop into Imagine Designs (62 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1, I’d love to see you!


Batman. June 2017

Status: Available for adoption

batmanA very special caped feline crusader is here to save you from your hum-drum life—Batman! Larger than life, and ready to help keep you safe, this handsome orange tabby is ready to hop in your lap and make you fall in love. He’s hanging out at Sole Sisters today from 11-1 with his trusty friend Governor Humphries. Want to learn more about our brave Batman? Read on!

Batman is just 5 years old. He spent the past few years perfecting his crime-fighting and snuggling skills, and he’s now ready to find the perfect place to call home. He is currently looking for a human or two who can take over the role of his butler. Humans interested in the position must be good at petting and playing, and must have a bed for Batman to rest his body on. Loved by cats, dogs, and children alike, this great feline is ready to jump into action in your home!

Governor Humphries may not be as active as Batman, but he is just as sweet. A stray with no teeth and a sweet demeanor, Governor is ready to help you relax whenever you need it. He may not be the most handsome cat you’ve laid eyes on, but he’s one of the sweetest. Although he holds the title of Governor, Humphries is ready to retire to a home filled with cozy cat beds and lots of snuggles.

Looking to add a crime-fighter or a respected city official to your family? If so, stop by Sole Sisters (327 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1 to meet these amazing guys.


Sardine. June 2017

Status: Available for adoption

SardineHi guys, Sardine here! Listen, my brothers and I are ready to leave the shelter behind. We are just 10 weeks old, and it’s hard to believe we haven’t been adopted yet! We are tired of waiting for a forever family, please come adopt us today!

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the social butterfly of the group. I love people, and I’m happy to greet anyone with a friendly meow. I’ve been helping my brothers become more social as well. So far, they like to play with each other more than anything, but they are learning just how great people are.

My brother Anchovy is great at helping me greet new people, and boy is he good at it! Barracuda is great at showing people how acrobatic he is! He loves to run around with all sorts of toys, but get him a feather wand and watch out – that kitty can play!

We are truly a great catch, can you adopt one or all three of us?! The cat adoption counselor says she will even cut someone a deal if they take all three of us home! We are looking for a home where we can wrestle, play, and snuggle together and with our human family. We do best with other children (like, 12 and up) and will do well with dogs with a slow introduction. We know there are plenty of fish in the sea, but we are the best catch! Come to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society today!


Mackerel and Tang. June 2017

Status: Available for adoption

TangHi guys, Mackerel here! My friend Tang and I have been residing at Petsmart hoping to catch someone’s eye. It’s been a couple weeks now, and despite our best efforts, no one has come to adopt us! We are hoping the right people will hear our plea and adopt us today! I wrote a little something up so you can learn a bit more about us!
Tang is the sweetest cat you will meet! She has a heart of gold, and I know she will make someone very happy!

She loves quiet homes where she can nap on cozy cat beds and receive lots of chin scratches! Tang just lights up as soon as someone starts petting her – you should see it! She has been a wonderful companion for me, and if we can’t go home together, I know she’d do great with a kitty or two in her new home. Tang is hoping to find a quiet home where she can spend her days napping and hanging out with her person.

As for me, I love to be in the middle of everything! I would describe myself as outgoing and fun; I love to hang-out with people! My ideal home is one with big windows in it so I can watch the birds fly by while I soak myself in a sunny spot. I also enjoy being pet, held, and snuggling on the bed with my human family members.

Please stop by Petsmart (3341 North Montana Avenue) today to fall in love with us!


Scooby. May 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ScoobyThis wonderful guy is in desperate need of a new home – and we hope you can save him! Scooby will be entertaining potential adopters between 12 – 2 p.m. Read on to find out why Scooby is the perfect dog for you!

Poor Scooby was adopted from the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in 2014, and we thought he had found his forever home. Unfortunately for Scooby, his fairy tale was short-lived; his owner moved and left him behind. This very sweet and loving dog is really hoping to find his happy ending this time around. Scooby is a silly boy who loves hikes, swimming, and snuggles! He hopes to join you on all of your summer adventures. A wonderful addition to any family, Scooby gets along great with other dogs and children!

It’s hard to start over, but Scooby is putting on his biggest smile while he waits for a second chance at love. Be sure to drop by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society (2112 East Custer) today to fall in love!


Pork Bun. May 2017

Status: Available for adoption

Pork BunJoin us today as we hang-out at Prickly Pear Land Trust’s Don’t Fence Me In run! Some of Lewis & Clark Humane Society’s best dogs will be hanging out at the event, meeting new people, and hoping to find their furr-ever family. Read on to learn more about today’s trail guests!

You’ve probably seen Pork Bun on our Facebook page recently. Found tied to our fence one morning, Pork Bun was abandoned by her owner. She’s the sweetest little lady you could ever meet, and it just breaks our hearts to know that someone left her. This cute, wiggly, sweetheart of a dog loves to snuggle and run around. Pork Bun does well with dogs and children, but doesn’t care for cats.

Peaches joining Pork Bun today, and she couldn’t be more excited! She’s looking for a family that will love her as much as she loves them. Peaches is mellow, sweet, and can be best described as a “sausage roll full of love.” At 6 years old, Peaches is hoping to finally settle down and enjoy the comforts of a family. With summer coming, Peaches hopes to find a family who will help her shed some pounds before she hits the pool or lake this summer. Don’t miss the opportunity to adopt this happy lady.

Blue, the amazingly sweet Shepard mix will be joining these two wonderful ladies today, so run – don’t walk – to PPLT’s Don’t Fence Me In event!


Sophie. May 2017

Status: Available for adoption

SophieReady for an adoption extravaganza at Petsmart today? We sure are! Today will be filled with cats, dogs, and hopefully some happy adoptions! Reward yourself, adopt a shelter pet!

Sophie is just one of the many dogs who will be parading around Petsmart today hoping to finally find their forever home. A 5 year old Walker Hound mix, Sophie found herself in need of a new home when her owners relinquished her to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. The transition was rough at first, but since her arrival two months ago Sophie has really grown to love her daily walks and her afternoon snuggles. She’s a wonderful dog who wants to be a part of your family. One look her droopy eyes and you will fall in love!

Like Sophie, Flash has been waiting for his forever family for a while now. He’s the cutest feline you will ever meet and he’s got the best personality! He’s 2 years old, and has lots of love to give, but he’s been passed up by every adopter so far. At first glance he doesn’t look like anything special, but I promise, if you spend 5 minutes with him you will see why all of us staff members love him. Flash loves to be around people, and is always happy to see humans of all ages. He gets along wonderfully with dogs and cats as well. We are so bummed that he still hasn’t found his forever home, but we really hope you will come and save him today!

Drop by Petsmart (3341 North Montana) today between 11 and 3 to fall in love with one of the many LCHS shelter residents!


Chevy. April 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ChevyHi there, I’m Chevy! I’m hanging out at Rock Hand Hardware between 11-1 hoping to meet my forever family! I’ve written a little something in the hopes that someone will hear my plea and bring me home!

I was brought into the shelter as a stray 2 months ago. I was a bit nervous at first, but I have really grown to love the staff and volunteers here at LCHS. They take me out for walks, and play fetch with me in the play yard (my absolute FAVORITE) on sunny afternoons. I love to try to curl up on your lap, although I’m a bit too big for it! The shelter staff say I will make a great family dog as long as I can be the only pet in your family. I’m also super smart – really, I’m the total package – and I would love to continue to learn new things with you!

Long story short, I’m a fun-loving, super sweet dog just hoping someone will come along and give me the home I so desperately want. Please don’t let me go homeless another day, stop by Rock Hand Hardware (2414 North Montana Ave.) to meet me today!


Doug. April 2017

Status: Available for adoption

DougHi guys, Doug here! I’m so excited about my field trip today – I get to go to The Base Camp! I love going for walks and exploring, so The Base Camp seems like the perfect place to find my forever family! Won’t you stop by today and meet me? We can even pick out some new gear for the summer!

Let me tell you a bit more about myself; I’m very mellow, and I find that I’m the happiest when I’m spending time with people. The shelter staff say I’m a bit of an “attention hog” but hey, I just go for what I want, and what I want is lots of love! I understand completely that love is a two-way street so I am always happy to give you affection in the form of snuggles and kisses in exchange for some pets. I’m a big teddy bear (I’m a Burmese mix!) and since I’m an older gentleman, I’m not crazy active all the time anymore!

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but along with being a world-class sweetheart, I’m also pretty darn smart. I know “sit” and “shake” and I’m real good at playing fetch! I would love to continue to learn new tricks too!

I look forward to meeting you at The Base Camp (5 East Broadway) from 11-1! See you soon!


Shasta. April 2017

Status: Available for adoption

ShastaNo one wants to be left behind by the people they love. Unfortunately for Shasta and Sierra, that’s exactly what happened. These two lovely ladies are trying hard to not let their current situation get them down, but they need your help! Stop by Golden Girls today between 11-1 to meet these two and give them a second chance at a forever family!

Shasta wants nothing more than to be your friend. Quiet and friendly, she likes to watch you for a minute before approaching you for affection. She enjoys being pet, being talked to, and snuggling up with you on a couch or bed. It’s great to see Shasta in such a happy mood when you think about how she came into our care. Left behind by her owners when they moved, Shasta’s outlook was grim. Luckily she was found and brought here where we gave her a haircut and lots of love. The staff here at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society absolutely love Shasta, and can’t wait to see her go into a loving home.

Shasta is going to Golden girls with her next-door neighbor Sierra. Sierra’s bad luck turned around when a kind gentleman found her and brought her to the shelter. While the families in the neighborhood she was cruising were feeding her, the outdoor life just isn’t for her. Sierra is the sweetest little kitty you could ever meet, always eager to receive a pet or two. This amazing cat would love to find a family to call her own.

Don’t hesitate to bring one (or both!) of these kitties home! They will be at Golden Girls (505 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1, and will be at the shelter from 1-4:30!


Maggie. April 2017

Status: Available for adoption

RowenThe shelter staff is busy gearing up for our biggest fundraiser of the year – Spay-ghetti! I wish I could be there but I’ve got to hang out at Petco and wait for my forever family to come. Stop by Petco today to meet me and my friend Jackie and then join everyone at the fairgrounds at 5 for Spay-ghetti!

My name is Rowen, and I’m the longest-term cat at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. I’m 3 years young and in desperate need of a forever home. I’m a sweet cat who loves people, but my stress level at the shelter is too much for me and I tend to shut down. My favorite time of day is night time, because that’s when I get to snuggle into bed with my owner! I have been known to play with toys, and want to find an owner I can bond with. My perfect home is one without other pets and I want a calm owner who can give me some time to adjust to my surroundings.

Unfortunately I’m not the only cat at Petco searching for a forever family. Jackie was put into LCHS’s care when her owners could no longer care for her. She’s a nice cat who, like me, prefers to be the only cat in her home. She definitely loves the companionship of humans over anything else. Jackie promises to be your very best friend if you adopt her.

Please stop by Petco to adopt us – take a chance on us! The shelter will be closed today so everyone can prepare for Spay-ghetti. The shelter will open back up on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your support, we look forward to seeing you at Spay-ghetti!


Maggie. March 2017

Status: Available for adoption

MaggieMiss Maggie has been at the shelter a whopping three weeks and she wants you to know she’s here! Being a black dog is hard in a shelter, you just don’t stand out among the pretty speckled Heelers and handsome Huskies. Poor Maggie has been passed over too many times but no more! She is headed to Petsmart today to strut her stuff and find her forever family!

When you come down to see this sweet girl get ready for some cuddles – she never turns down a belly rub! Maggie also enjoys walking in the park before she crashes on the couch with you (of course, she will need some belly rubs to relax after all of her hard work). Maggie is looking for a family that can give her the attention she deserves; she would really love to have some kiddos to snuggle with! Maggie gets along wonderfully with dogs her size too!

Maggie is really starting to feel sad, she’s so tired of being forgotten! Don’t let her feel heartache any longer, stop by Petsmart (3341 North Montana Ave) today between 11-1 to meet this amazingly loving gal!


Winnie and Romeo. March 2017

Status: Available for adoption

WinnieIt’s a real bummer to watch all of your feline friends find forever homes while you remain at the shelter with no family in sight. For Winnie and Romeo, every day that goes by is another day they spend waiting for someone to adopt them. These two definitely aren’t your typical cats, but it’s their different purr-sonalities that make them extra special.

What makes Winnie so special? For starters, she is currently LCHS’ longest-term cat, having spent a total of 76 days without a forever family. For Winnie, these past few months have been hard on her, and she’s ready to find a permanent place to lay her head. She arrived at the shelter as a stray back in mid-December as a terrified little cat, and while she has improved over the past few months, she is still a bit timid around new people. Winnie loves to make blanket forts to hide under, and loves to chirp whenever she wants affection. Winnie is a very special gal in need of a patient owner who will work with her to help her realize how cuddly humans can be. Winnie loves other cats, and would do best in a home she can share with a feline friend.

Romeo is another one of our long-term cats – 36 days spent here in our care. He’s a lovable guy who just wants to be lazy. Because he is 5 years old, Romeo makes a perfect companion for anyone of any age. With bright green eyes that suck you in, Romeo is one of those cats that you just fall in love with. Unfortunately, he just hasn’t found his true love yet. Romeo is sweet and laid-back, and does well with cats, children and dogs.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to adopt one of these special kitties. They will be at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society from 12-4:30 today waiting for you to take them home!


Blue. February 2017

Status: Available for adoption

BlueLooking to escape into a whole new world? Want to visit exotic places and fight off evil forces in planets beyond our own? If so, you should stop at the Lewis & Clark Library today to pick up a few exciting books! While you’re there discovering new stories, be sure to stop and say hi to Blue and Sophie, two dogs itching to find someone in need of a reading companion!

Blue is quite the outgoing fellow! He loves to greet shelter staff with a big butt wiggle and a friendly kiss. He’s your typical dog; he loves to play with all sorts of toys (and when we say all sorts, we mean all sorts), he enjoys walks, and he loves to snuggle up with people! Blue is a 4 year old shepherd mix, and we hope to find him a home with someone who will let him be his silly laid-back self. He does well with dogs and children over 5.

Sophie will be joining her friend Blue on today’s excursion! While she’s a fairly new arrival, she really hopes to make her stay at the shelter a short one. She’s a 5 year old hound mix with a friendly attitude and a desire to be man’s best friend. Sophie likes to snuggle, and would do well in a home will children and dogs.

Don’t let these two cuties spend another weekend without a home! Stop by the Lewis & Clark Library (120 South Last Chance Gulch) today between 11-1 to meet these two amazing dogs!


Malcolm. February 2017


MalcolmThere’s a big event going on today at Petco – it’s an event you don’t want to miss! A few of the Lewis & Clark Humane Society residents will be running around Petco meeting new people and hoping to run right into the arms of a forever family! Let’s see who will be waiting for you at Petco today:

Mia is just two years old, and happens to be the longest-term animal at LCHS – she’s spent a whopping 228 days without a forever family! This little mama loves to hang out with people as long as they give her time to warm up. She enjoys the company of dogs, cats, and children with good dog manners. Don’t let this lovely lady spend another day without you!

Waffles is LCHS’ longest-term cat resident. While she’s been with us we have learned all sorts of things about this cute feline! She’s looking for a home where she can be the only cat in your life (she’s not good about sharing laps) and one with a cozy bed to nap in. Waffles does well with children and appears to do well with dogs.

Zeus, a laid-back 8-month-old mixed breed dog will be looking for a fun-loving owner who loves to learn just as much as Zeus does! He’s a smarty-pants who loves to play with puzzle feeders and dreams of participating in an obedience class or two.

Malcolm is ready to bring fun back into your life! This silly feline is always eager to show off his acrobatic skills; this guy can twist himself into all sorts of positions! This handsome young cat would love to entertain you in his new home!

What a fun bunch we have at Petco today! Be sure to stop by between 11-2 to fall in love with one of these wonderful pets! The Lewis & Clark Humane Society would like to remind everyone to drive safe – the roads sure are yucky lately! The shelter may be closed today depending on road conditions, so please check our Facebook page for any changes to today’s operating hours.


Queso. January 2017

Status: Available for adoption

PepperIt’s a feline fiesta at Golden Girls today! Queso and Salsa are ready to spice up your life with their wonderful personalities, so don’t hesitate to adopt one (or both) of these great cats!
Queso is an eight year old with a heart of gold! He absolutely loves to be around people, always greeting them and asking for attention. Right now Queso’s days are spent napping in a cozy cat bed, but he hopes to expand his activities to TV watching and human snuggling in his new home. Best described as a laid-back guy, Queso gets along well with other cats, dogs, and most children. Because Queso is eight years old, we have lowered his adoption fee to just $37.50! Queso promises to be your best friend, to always keep you company, and to keep you warm during this cold winter!

Salsa is here to keep your party going! This outgoing cat is filled with personality! He enjoys being the center of attention, and loves to show off his silly ways. Salsa is always ready to be pet or held, and when he’s not in your arms he’s always eager to chat with you about the events of the day (believe me, Salsa never runs out of things to talk about). Salsa doesn’t ask for much when it comes to a forever home, just a loving family made up of people and cats – no dogs please! In exchange for a wonderful forever home, Salsa promises to be your best friend!

These will be two cats are eagerly awaiting their forever families, and they hope today will be the day they go home! Salsa and Queso are hanging out at Golden Girls (505 North Last Chance Gulch) today from 11-1. After that, you can find these two (and many more felines) at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society until 4:30 this afternoon.

Pepper. January 2017


PepperHey guys, Pepper here! I’m in a bit of a pickle and I need your help. My family wasn’t able to keep me, so I’m in need of a second chance. Can you give me the home I need? I promise to be your best friend, in fact, I’m a really good fit for anyone who wants a fast friend! Want to know more about me? Keep on reading!

I’m a pretty laid-back gal, I prefer to go with the flow and I don’t get hung up on the little things. I lead a pretty quiet life; I prefer napping to partying and I enjoy the simple things in life like daytime TV and knitting. It sounds like I’m a pretty boring feline, but I promise, it’s not always naps and Dr. Phil when I’m around - I also love to play! Balls and string are my favorite, and I find that daily play sessions help me keep my girlish figure. All of my wonderful purr-sonality traits make me a great companion for anyone with children, dogs, or other cats – like I said, I’m pretty laid-back!

At my age, it can be hard to find someone who wants an 8 year old companion but I have faith that there is someone out there for me. All I need is a cozy bed to nap in, some string to play with, and someone who likes to pet cats. Honestly, you can’t find a better companion than me! LCHS wants me to remind you that cats that are aged 5 and older are half-priced; you can’t do better than that! While I don’t like to ask for things, I would like to ask you if you can give me a forever home. I will be at Birds & Beasleys (2 South Last Chance Gulch) from 11-1 today. Stop in to get bird food, and adopt me!


Dos. January 2017


DosAll the senior ladies, all the senior ladies, put your paws up! Dos is ready to show off all of her wonderful quirks at the Base Camp today!

At 10 years old, you would think Dos would be ready to settle down into the quiet life, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Dos is ready to have some fun; whether she’s rolling in the snow or playing with tennis balls this lady is full of energy! When she’s done having fun, Dos likes nothing more than cuddle up with you and nap. You’d be surprised, this old dog is itching to learn new tricks!

Dos is hoping to find a home where she can be your best friend – your only companion. She doesn’t like sharing her humans with dogs and cats. Be sure to stop by the Base Camp (5 East Broadway) today from 11-1 to fall in love with this adorable golden girl!

MalibuNew year, new you. Why stick with the same old resolutions you make every year? Why not try a new one? This year, you can resolve to adopt a shelter animal!
Let’s face it, you’re tired of trying to find time to go to the gym and work out, you’d much rather just stay at home watching Netflix. Why not adopt a friendly cat like Rambo, a 5 year old lap cat, to join you in your quest to binge-watch action movies? Or, if you are committed to being more active, you could bring your new dog Malibu, a 6 year old Pit Bull, with you on your evening walks! With so many different personalities to choose from, fulfilling your 2017 resolution will be easy!

There are currently 30 animals awaiting their forever homes at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. Some big, some small, some fluffy, and some not. Despite their different appearances, they all have one thing in common – they want a second chance at love! We have cuddly dogs, like Dos! Dos is 10 years old, and would rather spend her golden years snuggling with the people she loves. Looking to start your own podcast this year? If so, Ella makes the purr-fect co-host! She’s a talkative feline with an outgoing attitude – perfect for reeling in the listeners! Want a project? Winnie is the cat for you! Shy and a bit timid, she hopes to find a patient owner who will help her realize that humans aren’t so bad.

Now is the perfect time to bring home a homeless pet and fulfill your resolution! All of our cats and dogs promise to bring love, silliness, and entertainment to your life if you just give them a chance! Stop by the shelter today between 12-4:30 to meet our wonderful animals and bring one home!


Jack. December 2016

Status: Available for adoption

JackChristmas is just around the corner and all of the Lewis & Clark Humane Society residents couldn’t be more excited! Jack has hung his stocking with care, he’s helped us decorate the shelter with lights and ornaments – he’s been really good all month long! He really hopes Santa will see how good he’s been so he can get his Christmas wish – a forever home!

Jack knows no bounds when it comes to exploration, both figuratively and literally! Jack is no stranger to adventure, but his adventurous ways landed him in the shelter. From scaling mountains to climbing chain-link fences, Jack is agile and energetic. A true wonder dog, Jack is a wonderful family pet full of spunk and snuggles. Jack’s ideal home is one he can share with his favorite people (and their friends) as well as another dog or two. This handsome guy loves treats (especially popcorn) and would probably love to do spend quality time learning all sorts of new tricks with you. Because this dude is an expert adventurer, he is also looking for a yard with a six-foot privacy fence.

Honestly, there’s just too many amazing things to say about Jack that we just can’t fit it all in this article. We all love Jack so much and want to see him finally find his forever home! Please stop by Rock Hand Hardware (2414 North Montana) today from 11-1 to meet this wonderful guy!



Beans. October 2016

Status: Available for adoption

BeansWith the chilly weather upon us, it’s time to bring out the warm blankets and sweaters. It’s time to curl up with our favorite pets while we watch Halloween movies and enjoy the warmth of each other’s company. Three very special dogs are looking to find their cuddle buddies today at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. Beans, Charlie, and Khaleesi all hope to bring some sunshine into your life this fall! They have told us what they are looking for in a home—are you the one for Beans, Khaleesi, or Charlie?

Beans’ favorite thing about fall is the idea of curling up on a cozy dog bed in front of a fireplace or heater. This handsome Catahoula mix has never known what it’s like to have a stable home life, and that is something he desires more than anything. Flown up to LCHS from California over 470 days ago, Beans remains at the shelter with no forever home in sight. Beans is looking for a human companion that has the time and patience to go slow as he is cautious when meeting new people. A quiet home is best for Beans, one without cats or children is necessary. He gets overwhelmed easily so a life without lots of chaos and change is a must for this silly boy. Although Beans seems like a difficult dog, if you give him a chance he will be the most loyal companion you will ever have.

Khaleesi is hoping to leave the shelter behind in favor of a home with access to all of the Game of Thrones episodes! This adorable people-oriented dog would absolutely love to spend this fall season cuddling with her new family while watching TV. Khaleesi isn’t all about snuggling though, she loves the changing colors on the trees, and would enjoy walking through the neighborhood while the leaves fall to the ground. Khaleesi would love to be the center of your world, as she prefers to be the only pet in your life.

Charlie is one active boy! He enjoys running around in the yard (and may even help you pick up any stray leaves). This lovable Husky mix loves squeaky toys and hanging out with people. Charlie hopes to find someone that leads and active lifestyle. Charlie just wants to find a best friend – and he hopes that can be you! I promise, this handsome guy will be there for you through thick and thin!

Be sure to stop by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society today from 12-4:30 to meet these fabulous canines!





Today’s the day – Bogey is hoping the some Irish luck will come his way and find him a forever home! 


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