10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s that I smell when I come in the front door?

We can house up to over 200 animals in this facility at one time and to have this many animals in our current building, we can’t help but have some animal smell. Also, we know our ventilation system is not up to par and air circulation is not always at its best.

Why are the LCHS adoption fees so much?

Our adoption fees cover spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies shots, one free vet visit, micro-chipping and a pet ID tag. Even though the fee may seem high, our costs to provide these services to make sure that each animal is healthy and ready to enter our community, do not cover the total costs. In reality we should be charging more to cover the costs, but it is important for us to keep the fee’s affordable.

Why are some of the dogs so skinny?

Even though these animals are extremely loved and cared for, the shelter is still a stressful environment. Each animal is feed appropriately and underfeeding is never an issue. Just as humans may not eat normally in a stressful environment, the same is true for the dogs, causing some of them to be a bit under weight.

Why is it so loud when I go into the dog kennels?

It’s important to know that because these dogs bark in the kennels, that it doesn’t mean that they are aggressive or will be barkers in a home environment. In our current facility, there is no sound proofing and most dogs can jump up enough to see the other dogs and people coming and going from the adoption kennels, creating barrier frustration. Just as humans do, animals feed off each other, so if one dog begins barking, many other dogs will join in.

Why can’t I go into the puppy kennels?

Many of the puppies have not received all of their vaccinations, yet are ready to be viewed by adopters. If we allow everyone in the puppy room, we increase the chances of carrying in sickness and disease to these young animals The health of these puppies, and all the animals under our care, are of the upmost importance to us here at the LCHS. We must protect these puppies from outside diseases and sickness.

Why do we do home checks and have fill out an application?

It is of upmost importance that we place each and every animal in a safe and appropriate home. Our home checks are done to make sure that the pets “forever home” is safe and that the appropriate accommodations, such as fence height, are appropriate and to help adopters overcome potential problems. The reason we have each adopter fill out an application is so that we can do our part to match you up with a pet that is appropriate for your family and the family’s lifestyle.

How would my lost pet end up at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society?

We are a shelter for lost and abandoned pets, and we have contracts with both city and county officials to house animals that may be lost in our community. Both Animal Control officers and Sheriffs Deputies will bring in a lost dog/cat if they do not have appropriate identification and can not find the pets owners. The pet is brought to the shelter to keep them safe and off the streets so they are not seriously injured or killed by being hit by cars.

When adopting an animal, why is it that I can’t take a dog/cat home just for the night to see if they will fit into my family?

Just as humans need some time to adjust to a new environment, so is true for our companion friends. It may take several days for an animal to adjust to their new home, and an animals behavior and temperament can not be judged after one or two nights. Your new pet must be given at least a few weeks to see how they adjust to their new environment. Each animal goes out on “pawsability” and if you as the adopter are not satisified with your match of “companionship” then we will accept the animal back to our shelter and find them a new home and assist you further in finding your perfect pet.


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